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Our strong communities and diverse and growing population keep Macon County on rise.
With a large laborshed and high education standards, Macon’s strength is its people.

Forest Products

Timber and wood products are one of the staples of Macon County. We have an average of 200% more timber wood companies than the US average with a growth rate 115% higher than average. With over 70 logging operations in the Macon County laborshed, this is a quickly-growing industry.

Macon County Wood Resource Metrics

Metric Units 60-Mile
Timberland area million acres 4.59
Timberland % of total land area % 73.1%
Private ownership of timberland % 96.0%
Total pine inventory million tons 133.21
Pine % of total timber inventory % 58.1%
Total hardwood inventory million tons 103.10
Hardwood % of total timber inventory % 41.9%
Annual pine growth million tons 10.90
Annual pine removals million tons 6.54
Annual pine growth surplus million tons 4.36
Annual hardwood growth million tons 3.82
Annual hardwood removals million tons 1.67
Annual hardwood growth surplus million tons 2.16
Est. annual pine sawmill fiber residue prod. million tons 1.04
Est. annual hdwd. sawmill fiber residue prod. million tons 0.09

Source: USDA Forest Service FIA, 2015, 2016 & 2017


  1. Center point of study area is latitude 32.482, longitude -85.733.
  2. Timber inventory data excludes federal lands due to availability concerns.
  3. Sawmill residue volumes are annual production estimates, all of which is currently utilized but may be available to a new consumer based on market factors.
  4. Estimates, data interpretation, and conversion factors per KJM, Forest Products Development Center.

View Softwood/Roundwood Inventory and Softwood Sawmill Capacity Data

Area Forestry Companies

Alabama Wholesale Lumber

  • Full service lumberyard
  • Services personal, construction, and industrial/commercial projects


Tuskegee University

  • Offers a Forestry Degree program
  • Offers 9 Agricultural and Environmental Science Degrees

Auburn University

  • Offers 3 Forestry Degree programs
  • An average of 25 graduates annually

Lurleen B Wallace Community College

  • Offers 2 Forestry Degree programs
  • An average of 12 graduates annually

Forestry Companies in our Laborshed

Forestry Companies vs US Average

Skilled Labor in our Laborshed

Skilled Labor Vs US Average

Growth Occupations

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